We keep clients happy. Which is why we keep clients long.

It’s fortunate, and completely by design, that NEXTMedia’s most successful clients insist on a true, durable partnership, rather than viewing us as nothing more than a mere vendor.

That’s because, at every step of the way, we will recommend what’s right, even if it’s not what’s expected. It’s all about challenging assumptions, delivering success.

It starts with knowing our stuff.

We inhale all the primary research and sales data you can give us. Key insights about your brand’s current users and prospects enable much greater efficiencies and a lower (than otherwise) media spend.

We subscribe to all the secondary research resources you’d expect from any agency and more. We don’t merely subscribe to them, we generate actionable information from them.

We welcome any and all primary research you’ve done for your brand. If you haven’t done any yet, we can steer you to multiple options.

Media Planning

We love the evolving media landscape as it moves inexorably to a one-to-one brand-to-target communication.

Most media services providers view the current landscape as being “fragmented.” NEXTMedia sees it as “segmented.” That’s a huge and valuable difference in perspective. With such an on-going explosion in advertising media content—across virtually all media types—it can seem overwhelming. Not to us. We welcome the targeting precision it enables. Sure it’s more work for us. But our doing the extra work is how you are able achieve your brand’s media objectives.

Media Negotiation & Placement

We negotiate quality inventory at the lowest cost for maximum impact. Negotiating the best rates for the highest indexing content based on your strategy is the key to a smart media buy.  We negotiate the lowest rates, create value-added merchandising that leverages your budget, and identify marketplace opportunities to maximize the total impact of your media budget.

Stewardship & Accountability

NEXTMedia provides oversight and fully transparent accountability of your media.  We ensure that the buy delivers as promised, carefully reviewing and reconciling every invoice, and deliver a comprehensive recap of actual media placements.

Our compensation is solely based on the terms outlined in our contract. We are fully transparent. Back up is available for all transactions made on your behalf.

Feedback Loop

Media strategies should be dynamic and evolve over time as your business and markets change. Beyond media placement and oversight, we will create a feedback loop to utilize real world learning for the next round of planning. Using actual sales data such as cost per lead, cost per qualified lead, cost per sale/sub/seat, we analyze your company’s ROI progress and help you make informed decisions for the future.